Alternative & Holistic Health Treatment

Holistic healing incorporates physical, mental and emotional elements to your specific health situation. Using natural health techniques individualised to your needs, based on your entire history, we can start your ultimate well-health journey.

Are you having trouble trying to fall pregnant or suffering from hormonal imbalances? Do you have trouble sleeping, feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, sad or anxious? Is your child unwell or do they have behaviours that aren’t ideal? When these and other dis-ease symptoms pop up, it’s your body’s way of bringing to attention that your system is out of balance. By using gentle and non-invasive methods, homeopathic treatment and reiki healing can help to restore this balance.

Appointments are available in Buderim and Maroochydore clinics on the Sunshine Coast. Skype appointments for homeopathic consultations are also available if that is more convenient for you.

My Therapies

Standard Consultations
Standard Consultations

Treatment for ailments such as anxiety/depression/grief, insomnia, arthritis, gout, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive troubles, post traumatic stress disorder and thyroid dysfunction.

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Fertility Treatment
Fertility Treatment

Homeopathic fertility treatment following the Liz Lalor® program targeting areas such as insufficient ovulation, recurrent miscarriages, inadequate cycle duration, pre-menstrual stress and hormonal headaches.

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Child Consultations
Children's Consultations

Homeopathy can address many baby and older children’s ailments such as teething, asthma, skin conditions, behavioural issues, anxiety, digestive troubles, sleep problems, nit prevention and more.

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Cold & Flu
Cold's and Flu's

Coughs, colds, flu and viral infections can be bothersome and debilitating. Acute treatment can minimise the duration and intensity of such conditions and may help prevent chronic infections from occurring.

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