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Benefits of Homeopathic Fertility Treatment

There are many options available for couples needing to embark on fertility treatment so I’d like to clarify the benefits of homeopathic treatment so you have a better idea of what it can do to support you.

Many women wishing to conceive have had a recent or not so recent history of taking the Oral Contraceptive Pill or other synthetic hormonal interventions to prevent pregnancy. These medications and devices can negatively impact the delicate interplay of hormones that make up the monthly cycle.

Ovulation can be disturbed or even halted, the inability for a period to fully shed the uterine lining which results in an unwelcoming environment for an embryo to develop in, and emotional disturbances from imbalanced hormones can all result from prior use of hormonal medical contraceptives.

The good news is, homeopathic practice and particularly the Liz Lalor homeopathic fertility method addresses all of these concerns. Remedies are prescribed that detox any remaining synthetic hormones, stimulate ovulation, bring about good flow and clearance of a period, and balance the hormones resulting in better moods and a healthier physical, mental and emotional state allowing for conception.

Homeopathic remedies are gentle and effective and allow for your body to rebalance itself when it has become out of balance due to medical interventions, environmental toxins, trauma and reproductive disease. Utilising the multifaceted approach of homeopathic treatment is a win-win for you now and for your future generations.

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