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What is Constitutional Treatment in Homeopathy?

You’ve heard the term, right? And you probably have a vague notion of what it means, but if you had to explain it you might not be able to come up with too much detail. Well you’re not alone. Constitutional treatment is a term that I’ve only heard in homeopathic circles so if you’re new to homeopathy there’s good reason for not having a clear understanding of it.

Put simply, constitutional treatment is homeopathic treatment that takes into account every detail of your particular health experience. That means your homeopath will be asking a lot of questions not just about your past, your health and your symptoms but we also ask how you act, think and feel towards those things. For example, you may have had an experience in a past relationship that did not turn out how you expected. Your response to that, how you dealt with that, and perhaps even how you feel about that now, that’s important for homeopaths to know. Your particular nuanced way of responding to events, stimuli and symptoms are different from the next person and that difference is the crucial part of constitutional treatment.

The other aspect of constitutional treatment is that it is not for short term ailments. Booking in for this sort of treatment is usually for chronic or long term health concerns, symptoms that don’t come up suddenly or self-resolve over a couple of days. And as such treatment is usually longer, your prescription is usually one remedy taken over the course of weeks and months as it is asking your body to correct sometimes year’s worth of being out of balance.

And remember, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual, there’s a homeopathic remedy for that! So when booking in for constitutional treatment, know that you will be looked after holistically with care and support to get you back to well health with natural and gentle homeopathic remedies.

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