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This great kit is lightweight and small making it ideal for everyday use as  a starter kit or for travel.


Each travel kit includes the following:

  • 20 Homeopathic Remedies
  • Remedy Reference guide
  • Leather case

Homeopathic starter kit

  • 20 Homeopathic remedies in 4gm pillules:

    Aconite 30c

    Allium cepa 30c

    Arnica 30c

    Apis 30c

    Belladonna 30c

    Cantharis 30c

    Chamomilla 30c

    Cocculus 30c

    Coffea 30c

    Ferr phos 30c

    Gelsemium 30c

    Hypericum 30c

    Ipecac 30c

    Ledum 30c

    Merc sol 30c

    Nux vomica 30c

    Pulsatilla 30c

    Rhus tox 30c

    Ruta grav 30c

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