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Energy Healing


Reiki is a gentle Japanese practice of energetic healing that can help align your body, mind and spirit in a gentle, relaxing manner.

Reiki (Rei – spirit, ki – vital energy) may be understood to mean your life force; the vitality within you that keeps you energised.

Whilst Reiki can be practiced with hands-on, it can also be administered with minimal or no contact as well as distant healing.

Pranic Energy Healing is similar to Reiki in that, as your practitioner, I will tap into a universal source of energy, prana, to bring about healing. However pranic energy healing is very proactive in finding blocked and stagnant energy, removing or clearing it and then chanelling beneficial energy to restore balance and clear dis-ease.


Pranic energy healing is non contact, only working with your energy body and can be practisied remotely.

Beneficial elements of both Rieki and Pranic energy healing are utilised in all of my energy healing. Homeopathic treatment combined with energy healing is a powerful combination that can help re-balance your vital energetic system in body, mind & soul.

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