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Using therapeutic healing elements of homeopathy to bring about your best well health

Holistic healing addresses the physical, mental and emotional elements to your specific health situation. Using natural health techniques individualised to your needs we can start your well-health journey today.

Kim Parry

Meet Kim

As a trauma informed holistic practitioner, Kim has been supporting families with their health journeys since 2015.

Whilst Kim uses homeopathic therapy to treat many different types of mental, emotional & physical complaints, she has a particular passion for supporting her clients through their fertility journey.  

As Kim is wanting to further develop her holisitic wellness scope, she is currently studying a Diploma of Counselling which adds to her practice in working with clients recovering from abusive & toxic relationships, and anyone with a history of grief, trauma and debilitating fatigue.




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Colds & Flus

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What Kim's client say

Through Homeopathy and Reiki support Kim has been treating my family's health issues holistically since 2014. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of health and wellness and  has treated everything from the common cold, bumps and bruises, insomnia, ear aches, menstrual issues, emotional support, travel packs the list goes on. We value Kim's gentle and caring approach and feel that she provides a very safe, confidential and nurturing healing space. She truly is amazing at what she does, I don't know where we would be without her guidance and support.


Sunshine Coast

After months of hospital stays, doctor visits, specialists and way too much money wasted on pointless medications for my young daughter who had been suffering with horrific abdominal pains and vomiting , I was recommended to see Kim by a close friend. To be honest I was dissapointed in myself for not contacting her from the beginning as she cured my daughter within days.  I also knew Kim through my time caring for her son at childcare and felt so comfortable talking to her about everything. Kim continued to check in daily on the progress of my daughter and went out of her way to personally deliver remedies to my house. My husband took a trip to Sumatra and Kim gave him a remedy to take daily and he never once had any stomach issues as he usually would when over there. She is beyond amazing  and I recommend her to everyone.


Mountain Creek

Kim is a fantastic Homeopath. She has made myself and my children feel comfortable in her presence and therefore able to be honest so that she can help us in our wellness journey.


It’s a pleasure to be guided by Kim and every time we’ve seen her for an ailment or an issue, she has been able to address it homeopathically.


We are very grateful to have Kim on our side when it comes to every day issues and it’s a pleasure to talk to her.



I contacted Kim after experiencing a severe chronic illness. I had previously been bed ridden for three years and after over a year of rehabilitation I was still unable to drive, I regularly didn't feel good enough to leave the house and couldn't go to busy places, I was fragile, my energy was low and I was experiencing a lot of anxiety. Within three days of receiving the remedy Kim prescribed I was driving and from then on my healing was very rapid. Three months later I was not only feeling better than I can ever remember feeling, the remedy had helped me overcome some major fears which enabled me to do the things I have always wished to do, like perform music in front of people. Kim was so supportive and the whole process was not only effective but also very nurturing. After seeing many doctors that had no answers and nothing they could give me to help my body heal it was such a relief to have Kim listen so deeply to me and be able to prescribe me a remedy that was perfect for my unique condition. I have now completed the remedy and I am living a happy full life again. I will be forever grateful.



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