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Some answers and extra stuff too...

Homeopathic dosing how-to as well as some shadow work tools and info that I may have recommended you utilise as part of your trauma healing and recovery work.

Tips and Info

Whilst homeopathy can cause very mild initial aggravations of symptoms, this is usually followed by marked improvement and is a good sign of healing occurring. However, if at any time you experience ongoing aggravations, worsening or new/unusual symptoms, stop taking the remedy and email me.


  • A succussion is firmly tapping the bottle against the palm of your hand.

  • All doses (liquids & pillules), are taken under the tongue unless otherwise prescribed. Children’s doses can be given into their mouths.

  • Do not let the dropper touch your mouth, likewise don’t let children suck on the dropper, it is made of glass.

  • If you can’t feel the drops going under your tongue, a mirror can be used or you can gently swap sides as you dispense remedy drops. I.e. one drop left side under tongue, one drop right side under tongue etc.

  • Let the liquid remedy dissipate for approx. 20 seconds and then swallow any remaining liquid. Pillules can be left to dissolve under the tongue.

  • Try to take remedies at least 10 minutes away from food, drink and other remedies.

  • Remedies can be stored in the fridge but they can also be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and strong electro-magnetic fields (Wi-Fi router etc.).

  • All liquid remedies can be topped up by adding filtered water and succussing ten times. After topping up like this return to your previous succussion dosage i.e. 2 before each dose. The ten succussions are a one-off for topping up. Adding a couple of drops of vodka or brandy will preserve your topped up remedy for longer. Replacement bottles can be ordered on the shop if preferred.

  • If you become unwell with an acute ailment whilst on constitutional treatment, pause on your constitutional remedy until the acute has passed. You can treat with acute remedies.


If you are having chronic or constitutional treatment the information below for acute doses does not usually apply but if you have other remedies then this is useful to know for acute ailments.



This is four doses of the remedy, 15 mins apart for one hour. Usual dosing can resume after this. An acute dose is needed to get on top of quickly moving, or intense symptoms. It is best to use an acute dose as early as possible of symptoms coming in. Eg. Arnica for an sprain/bruise/fall.


Colds, flus, coughs & sore throats etc. all move through different stages and therefore require different remedies. If you have a kit or a number of remedies and you find you get improvement and then improvement halts, you are not doing anything wrong, the condition has moved into a new phase and may require a new remedy. It can be hard to keep up with ever-changing symptoms but keep going with it, prescribe on symptoms as needed.


Short consultations outside of standard consultation care can be booked in for brief dosage healthcare management if needed.

Emotional Literacy Exercise

This exercise is recommended for you if you have experienced significant episodes of grief, abuse or trauma. As you move through your homeopathic healing, it is a wonderful tool to help release old unacknowledged emotions and highlight some of your shadow side.

Hand Mnemonic

This exercise is recommended for you if you are currently experiencing emotional dys-regulation, triggers or emotional flashbacks. This can present as feelings of emotional overwhelm, emotions that seem to be more extreme than the circumstances warrant or a feeling of ongoing chronic inner tension. Emotional dys-regulation can be prompted by anyone who has experienced significant episodes of grief, abuse or trauma.

Fertility Info Pack

This information pack is for all of my fertility clients to help with treatment management.

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