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Mentoring program

Giving students the opportunity to develop their skills


Offering you discounted rates as you help the education process for the new cohort of homeopaths. Your clinic experience for the mentoring appointments are 1 initial and 2 follow up consultations over the course of 7 weeks.  All appointments will be booked in advance and will be held on Fridays.  The 3 consult package is $350 + remedies & postage.


Helping develop your skills and meet some of your practical requirements of study or to help further your education if you are wanting to learn more about homeopathy this mentoring program will offer both observation of practice and case analysis components. Each client's individual mentoring case will consist of 1 initial and 2 follow up appointments. You will observe case taking at each appointment and then we will discuss each case after the appointments. In total each client case will give you a total of 5.5 hours practical experience. All consultations will be held on Fridays with dates and times to be advised. Total cost for each 3 consult client case is $275.

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