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Immune Support over Winter

Wow...what a winter it has been so far, it has come with a vengeance! In clinic I'm seeing heaps of nasty colds, coughs and viral infections that are very intense and quite debilitating. HOMEOPATHY can keep your immune system supported as well as helping you get through your acute symptoms if you do get sick. Some helpful homeopathic treatments to have on hand this year are: GELSEMIUM – a great remedy for flus & viral infections. If you experience a dream-like mental state at the onset of acute symptoms, a dose of high potency gelsemium can often knock it on it’s head. Other symptoms are a general feeling of weakness, chills alternating with flushes of heat, headaches that start at the back of the head & neck, and radiate towards the forehead, and complaints such as fatigue that linger since having the flu. BRYONIA – a very commonly prescribed remedy for acute conditions. A key note of bryonia is that symptoms are often much worse for any movement. There is irritability and the desire to be left alone. There can be a fever but it is slow to develop and may last several days. Dryness of the mucous membranes is not relieved by great thirst for large quantities of water. Left sided headaches which extend from the font to the back and over the whole side of the head is also common, and the headache is aggravated by coughing. When bryonia is needed for coughing, the coughs are hard, dry and painful. ARSENICUM ALBUM – I know I shouldn't have favourites but I do, and as you may know arsencium is one of them because of it’s broad spectrum of action. If you don’t have this at home in a couple of different potencies, I recommend you get some. In acute conditions arsenicum can help with any condition where there is lots of mucous coming from the nose that burns but also leaves the nose fully blocked. There can be a burning sore throat that feels better for warm drinks and the thirst is for small sips. Fever, diarhhoea and vomiting as seen in gastro but also at the onset of a common viral infection this year can be helped by arsencium at the correct potency. Arsencium can also be helpful for asthmatic symptoms and some skin conditions like eczema.

Contact-less pick up is available from my dispensary 24/7 for all orders made within standard business hours. If you are unsure of what remedy you need, my consultation days are mainly Monday, Tuesday & Thursday but I can also work around Wednesdays and Fridays if needed. Whilst I still offer chronic and constitutional treatments, this is a reminder that I offer short consultations for acute ailments and offer follow up care after these consults. Unfortunately acute ailments often need a few remedies and whilst I do make up blends, if you have single remedies at home, you will find yourself moving through several remedies for acutes which is where the follow up care is crucial. Wishing you all the best this winter. I hope you and your family stay happy & healthy.

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